PMF and GTM Strategy

I’ll help you hone your product market fit and improve your go-to-market strategy so you can prioritize your work, reach the right customers, and accelerate your journey toward growing profits.

Geospatial Data Strategy

I develop detailed data acquisition and production strategies to efficiently collect, process, and produce high-quality data products for your specific use cases and in alignment with your strategic business objectives.

Geospatial Operations

I’ll provide expert project oversight, align cross-functional teams, and report KPIs to stakeholders to enable smooth operations, seamless execution of project deliverables, and successful outcomes.

Vendor Management

I’ll manage your vendor teams and leverage our network of trusted geospatial service providers to help you scale acquisition and production up or down to account for seasonality and new product development.

Gain the Peace, Love, and Freedom you want from your geospatial business.

We’re passionate about solving complex business problems with geospatial technology and a systems-driven, people-first, approach so business leaders and their teams can find Peace of mind growing profits, Love how easy it is to sustain growth, and gain the Freedom to do the work they love.


1. Consultation

Set up a free initial consultation, we’ll get to know your business, your projects, and understand your goals.

2. Create a strategy

We’ll develop a strategy and roadmap tailored to each project using proven processes as a framework. 

3. Execute & Evaluate

We’ll execute the plan together, ensuring you have the tools to track progress and make adjustments to meet your goals.


Jordan was integral in our success in growing the business from approximately $5MM to over $16MM in revenue. He provided continuous improvement, organizational alignment, and built a process that could be replicated and sold across some of the largest technology organizations. Through Jordan’s analytical mindset, empathy for his resources, and overall desire to learn, we successfully delivered for our clients time and time again.

James B.

Director of Managed Services, Insight Global

Jordan has my highest recommendation and I encourage you to snap him up before anyone else does. He is efficient, timely, and manages expectations appropriately so I was never surprised by any status. When Jordan was on the project I could just relax because I knew it would get done and done well. He is capable, intelligent, diligent, articulate, and really just a deep-down “good person”.

Charlie P.

Program Manager, Uber

Jordan helped me stand up a Managed Services project with Microsoft and later Uber, following an acquisition. The project involved end-to-end support of all geospatial operations from data acquisition to the production of the digital mapping platform. Jordan was instrumental to our success. His analytical background and critical thinking were essential to making pivotal decisions within the operations group while working with all levels of management. I was very lucky to have him as a partner on this project.

Lana S.

Sr. Program Support Manager, Insight Global

Jordan was instrumental in organizing our expansive contingent staff operation for the Microsoft Bing Imagery team in Boulder, Colorado and it is not hyperbole to say that it’s unlikely we would have had the success we did if Jordan were not on our team. At the time I managed the Bing Streetside imagery collection effort and we were going through a rapid expansion that required many new resources and capabilities (drivers, project managers, QC operators, production staff, etc.). During this time, it was not uncommon for the Microsoft team to request staffing resources in very vague terms. We counted on Jordan and his team to somehow interpret our needs, find and train the right people, and make sure they delivered what we needed. Over time, this settled down into a steady-state, large scale operation driven by productivity metrics, costs, etc. Jordan was able to make that pivot and insulate the Microsoft team from many of the day-to-day details so we could focus on more strategic ones. The process became so refined that I could simply ask Jordan to scale our vendor team up or down, based on operator function, and he simply made it happen. Someone that can take a complicated ask and makes it “just happen” is incredibly valuable and Jordan is that kind of person.

Mike G.

Principal Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Bing Maps

Jordan offers unique insights into solving the challenging problems facing scaling businesses today.   Tech-savvy, legally trained, and an innovative strategist – Jordan has the leadership skills and organizational experiences to navigate the business, technology, and legal issues that often collide for today’s entrepreneurs.   If you are looking for a trusted teammate that can find creative solutions to get the most out of your business and your people, Jordan is the go-to.

Bryan T.

Managing Partner, WBK

Jordan is smart, articulate and hardworking, with a deep interest in technology law. He showed attention to detail and impressive Excel skills. He does an excellent job managing his time, and client expectations. He has a knack for organizing and delivering work product and thinking about the commercial context of regulations.

Pierre dV

Co-Director Spectrum Policy Initiative, Silicon Flatirons Center

With the new talent that Jordan helped Prospect Future hire & onboard; we’ve been able to scale our business, enjoy a healthier work/life balance, and gain a clearer vision of how to achieve our company growth goals and mission.

I can’t recommend Jordan enough if you’re looking to take your company to the next level. His vast experience in business operations and development meant that he was not only able to answer any questions we had about what next steps were needed for retention & company strategy planning; but also proactively bring forth helpful strategies, ideas, and documentation to solve problems we didn’t even know we had.

Having helped many companies grow ourselves we’ve seen that it’s all too easy for companies to think things are running smoothly, that is until you bring in a true expert. Jordan is that guy.

Matt R.

CEO, Prospect Future

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