Turn your data into profits!

I help my clients efficiently acquire high-quality geospatial data and turn it into profitable products that solve complex problems so they can evolve past relying on ad hoc services.

I focus on:

– Streamlining geospatial data operations
– Providing cross-functional strategy
– Improving product market fit
– Aligning geospatial initiatives with strategic business goals

for remote sensing operators, early-stage geospatial tech companies, governments, utilities, and telecom providers.

My geospatial operations strategies, detailed proposals, and project leadership have produced efficient growth for the companies I’ve worked with resulting in over $100 million in combined revenue so far.

My experience scaling global geospatial operations for Fortune 100 companies and small businesses alike has taught me that success requires a compelling and differentiated vision, tangible goals, action-oriented analysis, streamlined systems, and strategic partners to effectively align cross-functional teams with business objectives and drive successful outcomes. 

Our Mission

To enable the production and enjoyment of ever improving goods and services by helping organizations establish scalable operations around cutting-edge geospatial technology, giving leaders and their teams Peace of mind that their business systems will allow them to focus on the work they Love with the Freedom required to succeed.

Our Principles




Maintaining personal and professional integrity

Voluntarily exchanging value 

Striving for the win-win-win

Working intelligently and with discipline

Continually improving

Paying it forward

Transparently and consistently communicating

Pushing decisions to the nodes

Living it to understand it

Our Team

Jordan Regenie

Jordan Regenie

Founder, Fractional COO, Geospatial Operations Expert

Jordan knows that entrepreneurs are the backbone of a prosperous society. 

He has grown and led teams building trails in the backcountry of Colorado, navigating the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and mapping the world for multiple Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft and Uber. 

He has managed geospatial projects from proposal to execution generating a combined $100 million in revenue for his clients through the success of his teams and strategies.

He has scaled geospatial operations teams operating on 5 continents, improved processes for national data collection operations, and increased communication and invoicing efficiency for small owner-operated companies. 

From packing food and supplies deep into the mountains, operating heavy equipment, and jumping into the trenches with a shovel, to building complex models, reviewing contracts, and working with C-suite executives, Jordan’s experience enables him to relate with stakeholders at every level within the companies he works with. 

His diverse and successful background in geospatial operations, law, finance, and vendor management allows him to critically analyze businesses as systems, identify opportunities for the greatest positive impact, and execute strategies to achieve aggressive goals. 

Jordan graduated from Duke University in 2012, and in the top of his class from Colorado Law in 2020 where he focused on business, entrepreneurship, utility, and telecommunications law with a special concentration in commercial satellite law and policy.

He believes we are on this earth to love, learn, and have fun helping each other achieve great things. 

He enjoys working hard both physically and mentally, playing with his family, surfing, jamming on the banjo and sax, playing chess, and honestly debating tough questions.

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