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I’ll help you scale your team to efficiently acquire, process, and productize the high-quality geospatial data you rely on to fuel your growth.

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I specialize in providing innovative operating strategies, risk management, and project oversight to efficiently acquire and produce profitable geospatial data products for early-stage geospatial projects

My geospatial operations strategies, detailed proposals, and project leadership have produced rapid growth and successful outcomes for Fortune 100 and early-stage businesses alike, resulting in over $100+ million in combined revenue for the companies I’ve worked with so far.


Jordan was integral in our success in growing the business from approximately $5MM to over $16MM in revenue. He provided continuous improvement, organizational alignment, and built a process that could be replicated and sold across some of the largest technology organizations. Through Jordan’s analytical mindset, empathy for his resources, and overall desire to learn, we successfully delivered for our clients time and time again.

James Bauer

Director of Managed Services, Insight Global


From honing your PMF and executing your GTM strategy to deploying sensors and developing more efficient production processes, I’ll help you align your geospatial data initiatives with your strategic business objectives.


I’ll help you hone your product market fit and improve your go-to-market strategy so you can collect the right data, prioritize your product features, reach your ideal customers, and accelerate your profit growth.

Data Strategy

I develop detailed data acquisition and production strategies to efficiently collect, process, and produce high-quality data products for your specific use cases and in alignment with your strategic business objectives. 


I’ll provide expert project management, align cross-functional teams, and report KPIs to stakeholders to enable smooth operations, seamless execution of project deliverables, and successful outcomes.

Vendor Teams

I’ll manage your vendor teams and leverage my network of trusted geospatial service providers to help you scale acquisition and production up or down to account for seasonality and new product development.

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